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High Definition Slip Ring--ACN025-24P-01R
Oct 22, 2018

ACN025-24P-01R is one of HDMI series slipring,which developed by CENO for video monitoring equipment.This slip-ring design has 1 channel of high definition with a speed of 3Gbps signal, 24 channels of current. It transmits simultaneously HD video signal, high data rate digital signal and current.It complies EMC electromagnetic compatibility. It connectes with customer equipment by Pin insertion,it is easy installation.CENO adopts advanced military technology, low contact resistance, low torque, reliable operation for this HDMI slip ring.


Model: ACN025-24P - 01R

Protection level: IP40

Working humidity:  60%RH

Working temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Wire specifications: AWG# 28 / silver plated teflon ® UL;RG179 coaxial cable

Working voltage: 48VAC/VDC

Dielectric strength: ≥500VAC@50Hz(current)

Insulation resistance: 100 m Ω @ 200 VDC (current)

Contact resistance fluctuation value: 200 m or less Ω (in 50 RPM operation)

Video specification: 3Gbps

Length of wire: rotor :300 ±5mm;Stator: 300 ± 5 mm

Working speed: 0~100rpm

Installation: flange is fixed;

Contact material: gold to gold

Housing material: aluminum alloy oxidized black


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