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Gas-liquid And Electro Rotary Joint
Sep 10, 2018

Electric slip ring and gas-liquid rotary joint combined slip ring is designed for some special applications that require both electric ring and gas-liquid rotary joint. CENO takes advantage of its own technical advantages to developed this kind of slip ring, which is more convenient for users to install and use.This kind of slip-ring can be integrated with current and signal of different specifications according to specific requirements, and gas-liquid rotary joint can be selected for different types base on different applications requirement. This kind of slip ring is currently used around the world to ensure reliable transmission of signal and power, well performance process.




l Different sealing forms can be selected according to different applications.

l Stable performance and long lifespan.

l The slip ring part can integrate current and various signals.

l The number of electric circuits can reach hundreds, and the gas and liquid channels can reach 16 channels.

l The external dimension and installation method can be customized.




lCircuit number

lPressure and joint specifications

lCurrent and signal type

lInstallation method

lTransmission medium type




lAutomation equipment

lChemical pharmacy

lMachinery manufacturing

lFood processing

lIron and steel metallurgy

lPlastic fiber manufacturing



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