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Fiber Rotary Joint Application For Optical Transmitter And Receiver
Dec 02, 2017


The combined application of fiber slipring and optical transmitter and receiver


With the rapid development of communication technology, optical fiber communication technology has become an important means of communication .The optical fiber transmission system has the advantages of large capacity, distant transmission distance and strong anti-interference, and has an irreplaceable position in communication transmission. The optical fiber is made of glass and the transmission quality is good. The transmission distance can be up to 50-80km, which can be used in the electromagnetic environment such as power grid and substation.


Optical transmitter and receiver is used to transform optical signals and electrical signals of a device.At the current, after the front end of the optical fiber transmission and receiving all need to use optical transmitter and receiver, especially digital optical transmitter and receiver. It does not have any compression on the transmitted signal, and its main function is to realize point-light and photoelectric conversion. The optical transmitter and receiver is generally divided into front-end optical transmitter and receiver of the back end, usually in pairs.


With the spread of optical fiber communication, it has been applied to various fields. Meanwhile with the reduction of the price of fiber and the cord chip of optical terminal, optical fiber communication will be the first choice for designers. So with optical fiber slip ring matures, CENO is a professional manufacturer of fiber optical joint with optical fiber and optical transceiver as the core, with the thinking of conductive slip ring, providing customers with the rotation of the photoelectric hybrid transmission scheme of optical fiber communication is more extensive and in-depth application to the security monitoring ,electro-optical pod and other fields.


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