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Fault Diagnosis For Crane Motor Collector Ring
Nov 17, 2017

Fault diagnosis for crane motor collector ring


Collector ring (Slipring) should be diagnosed from time to time,as it plays an important role during it works in mechanical processes.  First of all, we should know clearly what is causing the failure when we do diagnosis for collector ring( slipring) . Now CENO is going to share some common failures from below list.


1. Main reasons as below list for high temperature

       1.1 The contact surface of electronic brush and slipring is not enough

       1.2 Made dislocation during installing the electronic brush and slipring.

       1.3 Electronic brush pressure is too high or too small. The pressure too high will cause mechanical wearing increase.  Electric will loss excessively when brush pressure too small.


   1.4 The slipring surface of copper ring with oil or sundries.;


   1.5 In the case of large vibration of the motor, the electric brush is caused by the vibration, which leads to the bad contact with the slipring, and hence the fire, so that the loss is increased, meanwhile slipring temperature will also increase;


   1.6 The material density is not match with the current requirement.


2. Troubleshooting

    2.1 Check the power, make sure that fusion and junction terminal block are available.;   


 2.2 Make sure the fuse is available;


 2.3 Adjust the current value for relay;


 2.4 Make sure wiring is right.


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