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Ethernet Slip Ring Of ECN000-02EG
Aug 22, 2018

Ethernet slip ring is designed for transmission of 100M/1000M Ethernet signals, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability. Meanwhile it support POE. This kind Ethernet slip ring of CENO is widely used in turntable test equipment and automation equipment.



--1. 8 Ethernet channels can be transmitted

--2. Provide RJ45 connector to be plugged directly

--3. Military plating technology, precious metal + ultra-hard gilding treatment

--4. Mix electrical power channels and signal channels

--5. Ultra-low BER error rate and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio



--1. Various type of gigabit Ethernet slip rings can be customized

- 2. Circuit number

--3. Protection grade

--4. Integrated signal type

Technical parameters

Protection grade: IP54

Working humidity: > 60%RH

Working temperature: - 40 ° C to + 80 ° C

Wire specification: CAT5e

Rating voltage: 380VAC

Current: 2 groups * gigabit Ethernet

Dielectric strength:  1000V @50hz

Insulation resistance: 500 m Ω @ 500 VDC

Contact resistance fluctuation value: 20mΩ(50rpm)

Length of wire: rotor: 300mm;Stator: 300 mm

Rotating speed: 0~300rpm

Contact material: precious metal

Housing material: aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black



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