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Ethernet Explosionproof Slip Ring--Used In Dust Transportaters Equipment
Sep 17, 2018


The Ethernet explosion-proof slip ring -ECN000-26P2- 082-01EM designed by CENO, who takes into account the requirements of EMC electromagnetic compatibility and signal impedance matching in the design, so that the signal transmission loss is small, no error code, and with long distance transmission.After this CENO slip ring connecting related equipment, the corresponding data can be transmitted accurately, and various safety indicators can be well controlled. Meanwhile, the slip ring meets the related explosion-proof requirements to apply in special equipment with a large amount of dust and dry and explosive environment.The detailed design parameters are as follows. The product parameters for the special equipment will be designed for you.



Protection grade: IP54

Working humidity: below 60%RH

Working temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 80 ° C

Wire specification: AWG#17/AWG#22 silver-plated teflon UL; 0PC%G})HBKU6`PK%J8HWWIL

CAT5e cables;Two core twisted pair shielded wire,

Working voltage: 48VAC/VDC

Circuit and current: 26 *10A; 2 * 4 A;

2 groups *485 signals; 2 groups *can signals;

1 group * 100 megabytes Ethernet signal;

Dielectric strength: ≥ 1,000 VDC @50Hz(current) between the two paths


Insulation resistance: 500 m Ω @ 500 VDC (current)

100 m Ω @ 100 VDC (signal)

Contact resistance fluctuation value: ≤70mΩ (in 50 RPM operation)

Anti-explosion grade:ExdⅡBT4

Length of wire: rotor: 1000mm;Stator: 1000 mm

Working speed: 0~200rpm

Installation: rotor end keyway drive;Stator end flange is fixed;

Contact material: precious metal

Housing material: aluminum alloy oxidized black


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