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The Application Of Slip Ring In Gantry Crane
Dec 21, 2017

At present, in many construction sites the soft foundation cannot be completely replaced for various reasons.The gantry track and its foundation are easily deformed in soft foundation.When the gantry crane is in operation, the gantry crane can be easily damaged in the slightly deformed orbit with the connection of the electric appliance (commonly used with the fixed connecting device such as the Angle iron).It also caused the safety accident such as the burning of the slip wire, which lead the gantry crane could not normal operation.There are many problems in using angle iron to connect the gantry crane and the electric appliance with the fixed connecting device.



lwhen the track work in the soft foundation , foundation is slightly deformed, the gantry crane cannot work as normally. The slip wire can be cut off or unable to contact well, even the sliding wire will be burned to effect the safety hidden danger.


lIt is necessary to change the slip conductor frequently and even replace the soft foundation, resulting in costly waste.


lThe Angle iron itself cost high, increase the construction cost and so on.


ECNO provides a soft slip ring of a gantry crane. It adopts soft connection ,could resolve the above problem to make sure the gantry crane on soft foundation can also running freely without damaging the slip wire, eliminate the security hidden trouble.The soft connector of the gantry crane is realized through the following technology scheme.Including the slip ring fixed link, slip ring fixed rod is installed on the gantry crane, slip ring fixed rod is installed on slip ring, slip rings are installed on the steel wire rope, the other end of the wire rope and installed in the electrical orbit the electrical connection.


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