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Classification And Advantages Or Disadvantages Of Conductive Slip Ring
Jan 04, 2018

There are various kind slip ring in the market currently, such as Capsule type slip ring,Hollow Shaft Slip ring, High-speed slip ring, Collector ring, Pancake slip ring, RF Rotary Joint ,Fiber Optical Rotary joint, HDMI Slip ring,Waterproof Slip ring ,Explosion-proof Slip ring,Ethernet Slip Ring,etc ...CENO got a summary for all kind of slip ring functions in the market from many expressions .

According to the distribution of the ring, the conductive slip ring can be divided into three categories: axial type and platter type .

Axial type:
The ring surface in the axial slip ring is distributed along the axial direction, and the rings are stacked up .To separate the rings by insulation strip .from the rings.The contact medium is distributed on the outside of the ring, ensuring reliable contact between the brush and the ring by the spring or ring its own deformation.The more the ring, the longer the slipring body length.The capsule type slip ring,Hollow Shaft slip ring,Fiber Optical Rotary joint ,Carbon brush slipring,etc are all belong to this class.

This kind of slip ring has high reliability, long lifespan in the case of using same material.To increase simply the ring width and increase the contact area for increasing carrying capacity .The pressure strength and isolation can be improved by increasing the insulation thickness. This kind of slipring wildly use in various industry currently.

Advantages: simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance, short period

Disadvantages: with the increasing of the number of channels, the length of the slip ring will be longer.


Platter slipring:

Disc slip ring is a kind of special rotating conductive slip ring which will be used in narrow space.This kind of platter slip ring with the most obvious feature is that it could be used  in highly restricted space.The rotor part of the platter slip ring is used for carrying the current and signal. The insulation material is be used for separating from the concentric rings. The brushes are distributed at the top of the concentric rings as the stator.This kind of slip rings could be stacked to provide sufficient number of channels at a limited height.

The maintenance of Pancake slip ring cost is more higher. The dust is easily accumulated when rings friction to cause that pressure is insufficient between rings and creating interference between signals. thus the difficulty of such slip ring are manufacture craft and the selection of contact materials.To ensuring Pancake slipring quality, requires strong development experience and high processing technology.

Advantages: small volume, height

Disadvantages: complicated structure, high cost and high technical requirement

Any kind of slipring you need,please try to use CENO’s .

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