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The Factor Of Carbon Brush Fault Is Caused By Slip Ring Brush Holder
Nov 30, 2017

The factor of carbon brush fault is caused by slip ring brush holder


We should think seriously about what kind of fault and character for the fault happening during the carbon brush work by current pull in or pull off. Then we could eliminate the fault as soon as possible, guarantee the stability of equipment operation. Let’s talk about carbon brush application and the factors that caused by the carbon brush from below items..



--1. Mechanical factors

The commutator center is not positive which caused that the rotor is unbalanced. The unit vibration is large. The insulation bulges between the commutator plates and the commutator plates themselves protrude. The surface of the carbon brush is not smooth, or the surface of the commutator is rough and the contact is bad. The commutator surface is not clean. Different commutator pole gap. The spring pressure on the carbon brush is not uniform or the size is not suitable. The carbon brush is too loose in the brush, or too tight then the carbon brush is be stuck in brush grip. The spark will decrease once the unit work in low rotating speed or the vibration getting improve.



--2. Electromagnetic factor

The spark of carbon brush changes significantly when adjusting the current of reactive or exciting current . During the commutation of the exciting current, the carbon brush is not good contact with the commutator, which make the resistance too high. The oxide film of commutator or slip ring is not uniform, which causes imbalance of carbon brush current distribution. Or  suddenly the change of load, and suddenly short circuit leads to abnormal voltage distribution between the commutator plates. Unit overload and imbalance; Carbon brush selection is not reasonable, carbon brush spacing is different. Carbon brush quality issue and so on.



--3. Chemical factor 

The natural formation of the copper oxide film on the surface of commutator and carbon brush will  damaged when the unit operates in the corrosive gases, or there lack oxygen in the space for unit running. The original copper oxide and approximate linear resistance are no longer exist, and the commutator spark intensifies in the process of re-forming the oxide film in the contact surface.The commutator (slip ring) is corroded by acidic gas or grease . the carbon brush and the commutator are contaminated.


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