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Ethernet Slip Ring Used In Package Machine
Dec 25, 2018

Ethernet is a technology designed for LAN communication. It specifies the contents of connection, electronic signal and media access layer protocol of physical layer.Ethernet is the most widely used LAN technology, which occupies a very important part in the field of information transmission.

Ethernet slip ring used in package machine

CENO industrial Ethernet slip-ring, gigabit Ethernet slip-ring, wire slip-ring, could be designed for shaft slip ring and capsule slip ring base on the space installed in the equipment. Any CENO Ethernet slip-ring in CENO ACN-T series and ECN through-hole which can be integrated high frequency.Ethernet slip-ring dimensions can be customized, hollow shaft maximum hole can be designed to 85mm.CENO Ethernet slip ring wire for electronic industry USES CAT type 5 or type 6 , the wire length can be 100 meters long and several tens of meters long.

ECN038-04P2-01EG, one of CENO industrial Ethernet slip-ring is specially designed for package machine with transmitting 100M/1000M Ethernet signal. This kind of slip ring designs in 38mm hole diameter ,4 channels with 10A power wires and 1 channel of Ethernet. It has the advantages of stable transmission, without packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability and POE support. This slip ring work for package machine, to make the packing operation smoothly and decrease the labour force. This kind of slip ring can mix electrical power channel and signal channel.Meanwhile it can transmit multi-channel low-frequency signal and current, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, low back loss, insertion loss and other advantages.

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