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Servo Motor Encoding Slip Ring ECN000-04P2-12S
Sep 05, 2018

The servo motor encoding slip ring of CENO is designed specifically for the laser testing equipment. For making the weak and easily interfered encoder signals could be transmitted correctly through the slip ring, CENO do specially processing on the internal routing and shielding, so that the packet is not lost and the bit error rate is low.This servo motor encoding slipring for a large number of servo system equipment, because its design has the following characteristics.



  • Integrate current and other signals;

  • Gas-liquid rotary union could be integrated;

  • Internal special processing to improve signal- noise ratio and anti-interference strength;

  • The figure could be designed into hollow shaft slip ring with optional installation way.

  • Reliable transmission,as it get scientific and reasonable brush pressure design and do military electroplating process treatment.

  • Various type servo motor encodeing slip-ring could be designed,such as encoding slip ring, automatic servo system slipring, etc



Technical parameters:

Protection(IP Grade): IP54
Working Humidity: 60%RH
Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

Lead Wire Size: AWG17# Wire Teflon

Two-Core Twisted Shielded wire(0.14mm²)            
Rating Voltage: 380VAC
Circuits & Current: 4 Circuits * 10A,  

12 Circuits * Encoder signal           
Dielectric Strength: ≥1000V@50Hz(Current)
Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ@500VDC(Current)
Electrical Noise: Max 70mΩ (50rpm)
Lead Wire Length: Rotor:  200mm,Stator: 350mm
Working Speed: 0~40rpm
Rotation Way: Flange installation
Contact Material: Precious Metal
Housing Material: Aluminum alloy conductive oxide


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