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Waterproof And Explosion-proof Slip Ring Used In Drilling Platform
Jul 05, 2018

With the development and utilization of oil and gas resources, The work of exploration and development from the land to the ocean,therefore, drilling operations must also be carried out in a vast ocean. The platform crane as an important part of drilling platform for transporting cargo ,the replenishmen,even launch the equipment which operation under water.Meanwhile in order to the crane could be unlimited rotating , for connecting current and signal between cranes and control room,it need to install a dedicated slip ring in the rotary center of the crane system, to ensure the power supply of the whole system, as well as sensors and smooth transmission of control signal. The slip ring is a crucial part of the rig crane.CENO develops special slip rings for drilling platforms base on its requirement. The slip ring has a high level of protection, stable current and signal transmission, meet crane requirements of explosion protection levels.The slip ring is convenient maintenance.


Model: BHCN - EX - C - 05200-0463-0210 - C


Protection Grade: IP65

Working Humidity: below 90%RH

Working Temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Operating Voltage: 690VAC

Circuit: 5 *50A;4 *63A(power supply),2* signal

Dieletric strength:  1500VAC@50Hz

Insulation resistance: 500 m Ω @ 100 VDC

Contact resistance fluctuation value:  ≤70mΩ
Working Speed: 0~5rpm

Contact material: precious metal/copper graphite

Shell material: stainless steel

Explosion-proof grade: Exd BT4


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