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Slip Ring Be Used In Robot

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 02, 2018

In the era of industrialization, Robot not only reduces manpower operation, improves work efficiency, but also avoids human error. Capsule slip ring of CENO is widely used in the robot's process and is widely used in the robot's arms and joints.

This kind of capsule slip ring with small size,support variety of signals. It could transmit data and simulate signal, compatible with bus protocol, with power mixed transmit.


Model:  ACN - 30 J

Technical parameters[X(928PGD84@UM6MDD7@7DS.png

Protection Grade:IP54

Working Humidity :60% RH

Working Temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Wire Material: silver-plated teflon UL

Wire Length: rotor *125mm, stator*75mm

Rated Voltage :240 VAC

Circuit :30 * 2A

Dieletric Strength: > 500 v@50hz(each circuit and all other circuits between)

Insulation Resistance: 100 m Ω @ 500 VDC

Electrical Noise: MAX 35 m Ω (50 RPM)

Contact Material: precious metal

Working Speed :0 ~ 300 RPM

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