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Motion Simulator Slip Ring
Jul 02, 2018

Motion simulator is the main equipment for detecting and evaluating the gyroscope and acceleration sensor in flight control system.When the aircraft control system carries out semi-physical simulation, sensitive components such as gyroscope and acceleration sensor are placed in the inner frame of the motion simulator. motion simulates charging the attitude position of the aircraft when it fly in the air, it can feel more realistic attitude change signal a abaout aually flying with the aircraft.Motion simulator need slipring to connect current and signal. CENO base on motion simulator developed special slip ring which low torque , low noise for motion simulator transmitting varous current and signal to meet motion simulator demand.


Model: ACN22-08 p2-04 s

Technical parameters:

Protection Grade:IP54

Working Humidity :60% RH

Working Temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° CHFP}QEL[KFPP[(C$YATW%`O.jpg

Wire Length: rotor :130mm, stator: 90mm

Rated Voltage :240 VAC

Circuit and current: 08 * 10A, 4* signal

Insulation Strength: ≥ 500 V@50hz

Insulation Resistance: 100 m Ω @ 500 VDC

Electrical Noise: MAX 35 m Ω (50 RPM)

Contact Material: precious metal

Working Speed :0 ~ 300 RPM



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