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HD Slip Ring -used In Security Monitor
Jun 22, 2018

High Definition(HD)slip ring of CENO,it according to high definition security monitor equipment characteristics design.The current value can be designed to comply with the  power supply requirement in infrared lamp of highdefinition security monitor.The designer should know that the DC12V voltage power supply is too high when when the infrared lamp near to control room, or the voltage power supply is too low when control room far from infrared lamp.


HD slip-ring could integrate different types of signals, according to memory multiple sets of telescopic distance and focal length combination mode on infrared and night vision surveillance camera. High - definition video signal, high - speed digital signal and current transmission are required for security monito to meet EMC electromagnetic compatibility requirements.


The channel number and video specification of HD slip ring could be optional. HD slip ring makes the electric cloud platform with the camera more dexterous and can set the orientation (PTZ,preset IR Camera). HD slip ring is equipped with an infrared camera or an infrared projector lamp, and  all kinds of trigger devices are defaulting. So that the infrared camera could  trigger point "in real time" and capture the target



Model: ECN000-02P1-02P2-02P-30S

Protection class: IP54Working Humidity: less than 60%RH

Working Temperature: - 40 ° C ~ + 80 ° C

Wire Specification: AWG16#/22#/26#/28#,Tin-plated  U

Coaxial Cable :RG179

Rate voltage: 380VAC

Circuit : 2  *10A,2 *5A,2 * 2A/29 *1A,1 * video signal /1* high frequency

Dieletric strength: 500V @50hz (current) between two circuits power,≥ 300V @50hz (signal)

Insulation resistance: 500 m Ω @ 300 VDC (current),100 m Ω @ 300 VDC (signal)

Contact resistance fluctuation value: 70 m or less Ω (in 50 RPM operation)

Wire length: rotor: 260mm;Stator: 1500 mm

Working speed: 0~300rpm

Installation: rotor end level drive

The stator end flange is fixed

Contact material: precious metal (high frequency gold-plated treatment)

Case material: aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation white.


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