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RF Cable Reel
Apr 17, 2018


A conductive slip ring is a component that sliding contact to transmit low frequency signals and energy.Conductive rings are made of brass, silver and gold.Brush comprise of palladium, gold alloy or gold-plated wire brush and copper graphite composite brush.


Sliding ring worn powder may cause a short circuit between the ring and the ring. So cable reel take the current conversion function by slip ring, to provide free capacity for vehicles with a certain range of activity in the situation of Vacuum environment, high and low temperature properties, long time no maintenance trouble-free operation, harsh conditions.

At present, enterprises of producing mining vehicles also pay more and more attention to the safety performance .As an underground power vehicle, the cable reel as a storage cable.The high power slip ring could safely and orderly to store and release for a certain length of cable for the vehicle.


Conductive slip ring is a special industrial parts, which play a very important role in intelligent robots process of manufacturing and research in the future.It become the industry joint is the future trend of the inevitable. It is important in getting  improvement of process and the manufacturing of processing to make slip ring as the special parts.



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