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A Detailed Description Of The Normal Rotating Slip Ring And The Optical Fiber Slip Ring

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2018



The difference between the normal rotating slip ring and the fiber slip ring is firstly from the structure, the normal rotating slip ring is supported by the smooth surface to support the rotating shaft, so the contact part is a surface.The optical fiber slip ring is supported by the rotation of the fiber body to support the rotating shaft, and the contact part is a point, the more the fiber body, the more contact points.The second difference is  the operation mode. The motion mode of fiber slip ring is optical fiber;The motion of the rotating sliding ring is rotation, so the friction situation is completely different.


Normal rotating slip ring working with liquid lubrication, it work is stable and reliable, no noise. The rotation surface are separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, it could greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface . The rotating slip ring is generally used in low speed and heavy duty conditions, or it is the operation part of difficultly maintenance and lubricating oil .



Usually rotating slip ring is made from the material of that alloy, wear-resistant cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, hardwood and carbon - graphite, ptfe, modified polyformaldehyde, etc.The rotating slip ring is generally used in low speed and heavy duty conditions, or it is the operation part with difficultly maintenance and lubricating oil .


The tight ring of the fiber slip ring is tight with the shaft sleeve, and the living ring is supported on the slide ring seat.The ring and fiber body are usually made of high strength and abrasion-resistant fiber slip ring steel. The hardness of the surface after quenching could up to HRC60 ~ 65.Holder can be made of soft steel stamping, and can also be made of copper alloy laminated wood or plastic.The rotating friction  that between the rotating shaft and the shaft is changed to the optical fiber friction, thus reducing the friction loss of a kind of precise mechanical element.


The fiber slip ring is easy to maintain, reliable in operation, good starting performance and high carrying capacity at medium speed.Fiber optical slip ring joint comparing with the normal rotating slip ring, the radial dimension of the fiber slip ring is smaller, the vibration reduction ability is better, and the high speed life is longer and the sound is smaller .


 Generally speaking, the fiber optical joint is mainly of large radial dimension, low life span in high speed and loud noise.Rotating slip ring is mainly stable, reliable, noiseless and long lifespan.If you have any special requirement please contact us from below information.


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