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Hybrid Slip Ring -- Integrated Pneumatic And Power Slip Ring
Apr 17, 2018


With the rapidly development of science and technology, CENO could produce hybrid slip ring to integrate the circuit slip ring and the pneumatic slip-ring into multi-channel products.So that the multi-channel of power supply and pneumatic source can be transmitted simultaneously.

Conductive ring is a portion for transmitting power from a fixed port of device to control and deliver data signals to the rotating port of device. It also call as conductive ring, electronic brush, collecting ring, rotary joints.The slip ring can be used in any Mechanical and electrical system that requires continuously rotating to transmit power and data signals.It can improve mechanical properties, simplify system design, and eliminate possible damage caused by wire rotation.

Current technology, many systems need a kind of slipring, which combine the function both of the transmitting conductive and the pneumatic slip ring in multi-channel.

 In actual  applications, there are many forms of the circuit slip ring,  make the structure of the relatively small easy to install and use, at the same time it provide the pneumatic source and power when it rotating.


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