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The Advantages Of Optical Fiber Rotary Joint
Apr 17, 2018

Optical fiber rotary joint is also called optical rotary connector, etc., It solve the problem that it is relative optical signal transmission between rotating parts, to ensure that the light signal transmission is not interrupted because of the rotation.Comparing with the standard slip ring, the fiber slip ring is more stable on  transmitting signal, more higher in speed and more longer in working lifespan.


The following advantages for fiber optic rotary joint :

  •  It not only could transmit single mode or multi-mode fiber signal, but also the channel number is optional from single to dozens;

  •  No electromagnetic leakage, good privacy and anti-electromagnetic interference;

     Small size, easy to integrate into equipment.

  • Transmission security. It does not produce any detectable energy,such as electromagnetic pulses, radiation.

  • Optical fiber is an insulator, which is not affected by electromagnetic wave, lightning, radiation noise and adjacent cables.

  • The transmission bandwidth is greater than that of the electric connector, which can be used in combination with the wavelength division multiplexer, to increase the bandwidth exponentially.

  • No contact transmission, no wear, long life, can reach up to 300 million Rpm. It is not friction , can be used in flammable and explosive environment.



CENO can provide customized slip rings with special requirement, if you necessary.



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