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Technical Parameters Are Required To Customize The Conductive Slip Ring
Apr 17, 2018



In modern industry, more and more industrial equipment need to be applied to the conductive slip ring, which can help the machine to operate better.In order to meet the needs of the real world, CENO keep continuously developing and upgrading the conductive slip ring and continuously enhances the performance of the product. Now CENO summarizes the key parameters of conductive slip ring according many year experiences for the convenience of customers to choice and understand conductive slip ring and customized different size of conductive slip ring. 


The key parameters of the conductive slip ring are as follows:

The mounting size of the slip ring: the the slip ring with accurate size that it could  work better.As different devices have different mounting dimensions for using the slip ring.


slip ring rating voltage: each slip ring gets its rated working voltage, and the rated voltage is mainly limited by the insulation material and space . Exceeding the rated voltage of the slip ring that may lead to no good insulation, slip ring internal breakdown even lead burning, etc.


slip ring rated current: the area of the contact material and conductivity of the contact material that determine the maximum load current of the slip ring. If it exceed the rated working current, will cause the temperature rise sharply at the contact point position.It will cause the contact no good when the rated current exceeding to lead air expansion and separation the contact point, even damage the slip ring completely.


Insulation resistance : the insulation resistance usually refer to the conductive resistance between rings and outer shell of a multi-path slip ring. Insulation resistance is affected by insulation materials and environmental humidity.During the process of control signal transmission when the low insulation resistance of slipring, it generate interference, error code, crosstalk, etc. In the case of high voltage, it will generate fire and heat up.


The channel number of the slip ring: the circuit that is connected and the current can be passed smoothly, which is called a channel.If the slip ring does not have the proper number of channels, it will short-circuit or break the circuit during it operating, which will affect the work of the equipment.


Dynamic contact resistance of a slip ring: the dynamic contact resistance is the range of the resistance between the rotor and stator in a path of the conductive slip ring in the working state of the slip ring.The influence factor is same as the contact resistance, and the rotational speed has a great influence on it.


Contact resistance of slip ring: contact resistance require the contact reliability of the slip ring. The contact resistance range depends on the contact friction material type, contact pressure, surface finish and so on.In the case of the determined contact material, the contact resistance could not just require the lowest.If the requirement of contact resistance can be reduced properly, which will prolong the lifespan of the slip ring.


The life of the conductive slip ring: the life of the slip ring is the time when the slip ring is enabled to the slip ring.The life factors of the slip ring are as follows: type of contact material, contact pressure, contact volume, working current, working environment, etc.


The rotation speed of the slip ring: the speed of the slip ring is influenced by many aspects, such as contact friction, structure rationality, machining accuracy, assembly precision and so on.


The working temperature of the slip ring: the working environment temperature of the slip ring will affect the service lifespan of the slip ring.


The protection performance of the slip ring: according to the actual working environment,waterproof, anti-explore of customer requirement . Our product protection level could up to IP68 and explosion-proof slip ring, which can meet the explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment.


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