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Determinants Factor Of Slip Ring Size
Apr 17, 2018


From the study of the using process and production of the slip ring, the durability lifespan of the slip ring in industrial application is relevant with the slip ring size and the various specifications.


Normally when we choosing what kind of slip ring, we would only consider the service lifespan of the slip ring. But the latest finding is that the aging of the grease in the running of the slip ring can lead to a reduction in the service life of the slip ring, and the wear rate will be accelerated.


When we make choices a kind of slip ring. We should consider that the use and the working environment for the slip ring. Basis on the parameters of slip ring, such as precision, gap, structure and grease, to choose the slip ring.Each slip ring has a different its function for the relevant machine, some need to be fixed, some need to be rotated or moved. When we are choosing a 360 degree rotating for security device , we're going to use a spherical slider, because it can rotate 360 degree.In the use of the short axis, the fixed end shall be fixed and compact and cannot be offset.


Of course, the selection of the slip ring does not follow certain rules and order. The priority we should thinking is the performance and required environment for the using of the slip ring, which is the most practical point .Generally, there is a biased when assemble the slip ring and asix together. One side of the sliding ring is called a fixed side slip ring, and it is subjected to both axial and radial loads 


Another side is called free side, which can withstand the radial load, and the axial direction can be moved relative to the other side, so as to deal with the problem of the elastic part of the shaft caused by the temperature change and the interval error of the equipment slip.As long as the selection is very sure, to suspend the rapid completion of the mechanical structure planning mission, therefore before planning, as much as we know about the slip ring selection matters of attention.

In addition, CENO could design and manufacture the most suitable conductive slip ring for customers.Please contact us if you need.



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