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RF Cable Reel
Feb 05, 2018

RF Cable Reel


Product Feature:

Adopt double coil spring design,launch and retracting distance is wide, gentle retracting force.

Bracing wire stable , good concentricity.

Firmly PG connector, high protection grade.

Good weather resistance, appropriate to various environment.



Max retract range.

Protection grade.

Wire connection way.

Signal type.


Typical application:

Extensible mast.

Vessel hoisting system.

Hoisting equipment tower, cable reel.

Industrial machinery.


Case demonstration
Interface:N typeCable length:15000mm (Ø13mm)
Frequency Range:DC to 2 GHzPeak Power.Max:1500W @ 1 GHz
Average Power:200W @ 1GHz
150W @ 2GHz
Insertion Loss .Max:4.5dB @ 0 to 2GHz
Phase WOW.max:Insertion Loss WOW:0.05dB

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