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ProfiBus Slip Rings
Jan 30, 2018

ProfiBus Slip Rings

Product Feature:

l Transmit various RS, NET series and BUS signal.

l Integrate various encoder.

l Can transmit servo motor current and encoder control signal simultaneously.

l Combine various signal and power.

l No interference between power and signal circuit, comply with EMC.


l Circuit number.

l Protection grade.

l BUS type.

l Current value.

l Signal type.

Typical application:

l Motion simulator.

l Automation equipment.

Case demonstration
Protection(IP Grade): IP54 Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy
Working Speed: 0-300RPM Dielectric Strength: ≥1000v@50Hz;
Rating Voltage: 380VAC/24VDC Working Temperature: -20℃~+80℃
Contact Material: Precious Metal Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ@500VDC
Working Humidity: 60%RH Installation Way: Aluminum Collar Ring With 4sets Screws For Shaft Mount
Current: 20*10A/RS (RS serieal port BUS)
(Industrial Ethenet)/CANBus/Profibus
Lead Wire Size: AWG17#(1.0mm2)*UL(AWG17#tin-coated teflon) 0.5mm2(three core shielded wire 0.5mm2)
AWG22#(0.5mm2)*UL(AWG22#tin-coated teflon)

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