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ECN Series Hollow Shaft Slip Rings
Jan 08, 2018

ECN Series hollow shaft slip rings


Product Feature:

Center hole is convenient to install, as well as integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical , RF rotary joint.

Adopt advanced fiber brush multi-point contact, low friction, long lifespan

Transmit data and analog signal ,compatible with data bus protocol

This series product could integrate various signal,such as USB,Ethernet, CANBUS,encoder,LVDS,HDMI and etc.



Trough hole size:3mm -1000mm

Current rating: 1Amp-1000Amp

Circuit number:1-300

IP Protection grade:IP51-IP68

Operation temperature:-55 ─ 250℃

Support various signal /power mixed transmission

Installation way/ wiring way

Application environment: Sea/ Land/Air


Typical application:

Radar antenna/Motion simulator/Military equipment

Amusement/Construction Engineering

Robot/Package equipment/Industrial automation equipment

Lithium battery equipment/Medical treatment equipment


Way of installation:

Align slip ring’s through hole to mounting shaft , apply external force along the axis direction to move the slip ring to predetermined installation position.


Tighten up 4 screws on the slipring shaft via the inner hexagon wrench .Fix slip ring rotor part and mounting shaft.


Refer to lead wire number to connect corresponding circuit lead wire. Proper protection and fixation are required when necessary, in case lead wire contact rotation shaft contact to damage insulation of lead wire or interfere rotation.


Fix slip ring stator via anti-rotation tab.

Technical Parameters

Number of circuit:1~24 or more circuitsTorque:0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 circuits
Working speed:0-500RPM or higherContact material:precious metal
Operation temperature:-20℃ ~ +80℃Lead wire size:AWG17# tin- coated teflon UL(10A)
Working humidity:10% ~ 85%RHLead wire length:300mm
Rating votage:440VAC/250VDCProtection(IP grade):IP51
Dielectric strength:500VDC @ 50Hz,10sMaterial compliance:RoHS
Electrical noise:<10mΩ@6VDC,50mA,5RPMCE certification:YES
Insulation resistance:500MΩ@500VDC,60sHousing materialaluminum alloy

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