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The Application And Principle Of Conductive Slip-ring On Amusement Equipment
Jan 05, 2018

Slip ring is widely used in many amusement equipment, including the scenic park and amusement facilities, rail train, hot wheels, bumper cars, control plane, elegant turntable, video products and accessories, mobile phone games and related technology equipment, console, and peripherals, online games, all kinds of entertainment machine, educational and recreational facilities equipment, PC games, video games, etc.


CENO electronic not only produces general slip ring products, also can design customized product. According to customer’s requirements, CENO designs the product with current from mA to 800 A per channel (ring), from 1 to 600 circuits .CENO’s products apply in wildly industry ,such as medical equipment, amusement equipment, consumer electronics, production assembly line, military equipment, and many other fields. In other words, CENO’s slipring could implement the device that not only requires 360 degrees to rotate (or transmit gas, liquid,) also requires to transmit a variety of signals .


Slip rings are applied wildly in amusement equipment,such as carousel , ferris wheels, discos rotating platter, and so on.Due to the higher cost of precision electric slip ring than the traditional slip ring, it is mainly used in precision electronics, electrical equipment and so on, while in the amusement equipment, the majority of traditional slip rings are used. CENO could you design any kind of slipring according your equipment special requirement. Please contact CENO from below way.


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