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The Application And Characteristics Of Mud Scraper Slip Ring/conductive Ring
Dec 29, 2017

The mud scraper is mainly used in urban sewage treatment plants, water works and industrial wastewater treatment with large diameter round sedimentation tank, which remove the sludge from the bottom of the pool and the scum of the skim pond. During mud scraper operating, drive sprocket is run by the driving device working, thus to promote the scraper chain continuous rotating in a certain speed, to push the sludge will be scraped to the mud tank, forming a closed loop cycle processing.


The mud scraper is generally composed of driving device, work bridge, main scraping device, auxiliary scraping device, center turntable, skimming device, overflow weir plate and slag plate, conductive device, etc.Usually the conductive device is installed on the center pedestal to provide power for the driver. Now the scraper slip ring has been replaced for the previous carbon brush slip ring.


The mud scraper is a very important part in the mud scraper, and the working environment of the mud scraper is very bad, and the general slip ring is easy to damage.The slip ring of CENO with the characteristics of small shape, high reliability, free maintenance for whole lifespan and  it could be customized the protection up to IP68. 


The characteristics of CENO’s scraper slip ring as below:

◆Dense structure, convenient installation.

◆High reliability, high shockproof structure, suitable for the long time work of the scraper

◆Protection grade IP68, suitable for the environment with a lot of dust and exposed slip ring

◆Adopt advanced precious metal cluster brush multi-point contact, ensure the contact is reliable under extremely low friction

Special design for resistance high or low temperature , work stability

The absolute encoder and potentiometer could be installed according customer’s requirement place size.

Long lifespan without maintenance .


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