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The Installation Method Of Capsule Slip Ring
Dec 26, 2017

The capsule slip ring, as the name suggests, is a slip ring that looks like a capsule.The cap type slip-ring flanges, mainly through a few holes in the flange to match the installation of the customer's equipment,

Capsule slip ring is a series of conductive slip rings with round flanges attached to the shell body. The appearance like a cap, compact design, small size and convenient for installation.

The product adopts the American military surface treatment process, super hard gold plating treatment, make sure that extremely low resistance fluctuation and long working life.

It mainly function is that it transmit weak control signal of small and medium size system, weak current.Like video, control, sensing, power, Ethernet. Low torque, low loss and maintenance;Low electrical noise


Typical application for security monitoring, camera shooting, robot, testing instrument, turntable and automation equipment.


Installation method of capsule sliding ring:


lThe slip ring is designed with a flange which is mounted on a sleeve bracket.

lThe rotor must be driven by a flexible connection (such as rubber hose or spiral tube).The rotor lead wire can be used for this driving at a certain speed.

lThe washer screws are used to install the slip ring. These gaskets prevent the flange from being too tight.

lThe slip ring cannot be used to withstand the weight of the equipment that it is connected to slip ring.And the rotating equipment should be locked to avoid the weight on the rotor.

lThe slip ring should be protected from dust and moisture. It should be installed with a protective cover when it using in outdoors.

lProtecting all of all wires that will not be damaged when the equipment is rotatig.  It should be considered that all lead wire cannot be loadable.

lNote that  not to hurt the skin of the wire when connecting the wire lead.


CENO briefly introduces the installation of the capsule slip ring as above.The capsule slip ring has an important position in market share,especially in quality, Because it will directly affect the stability and quality of the equipment and products.In addition to routine technical parameters, such as diameter, number of channels, more need to be concerned with maximum speed, maximum insulation resistance, service life and performance, extreme environment, all find of manufacturer is very critical, CENO has a professional R&D team that is worthy of your choice.


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