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Precautions For The Installation Of Explosion-proof Slip Ring
Dec 25, 2017


The functional parts of the explosion-proof conductive slip ring are similar to those of conventional conductive sliding rings, so the installation can refer to the ordinary conductive slip ring, and the following points should be paid special attention:

explosion-proof conductive sliding-ring environment:6W@~VWXOF%UU}8`0F`UH)NJ.png

The environment for the using of explosion-proof conductive slippage must be in accordance with the conditions specified in the slip ring.Otherwise the explosion-proof structure could not ensure the safe working in the working environment.

the dispose for cable outlet of explosion-proof slip ring
The cable extractor of explosion-proof slip ring must comply with the requirements of the GB3836. The PG connector for explosion protection slip ring device must is accord with the standard of explosion of operation when CENO designing the explosion slipring. The end of the outlet device which must is accordance with the actual using environment, to connect with the corresponding explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof junction box, or the other device.

cable protection of explosion-proof sliding-ring
The extra-cable of the explosion-proof slipring must be protected ,to avoid possible pressure damage, crushing or other positions that may damage the surface of the cable.Meanwhile.It is necessary to keep away from heat source and corrosive environment, so as to avoid the breakage of the explosion-proof slip ring and lead to serious safety hazards such as cable short circuit and grounding.

Explosion-proof slip rings must be used within the required temperature range:
The temperature of the explosion-proof slip ring depends on the requirement of the explosion-proof environment and its own temperature rise. It should pass the serious relative testing. If the temperature is exceeded in the explosion-proof slip ring standard, it may result in the temperature of the shell body of the explosion-proof slip ring beyond the ignition temperature of the explosive material, which can lead to the explosion safety hazard. At the same time, the excess temperature can cause the internal structure of the slip ring to deform,  affects the electrical performance, even cause the slip ring to be completely damaged.



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