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Application Environment Of High Temperature Slip Rings
Dec 25, 2017


With slip ring is used in wildly application of equipment, the higher request for the slip ring. Now there are a lot equipment that often work under the condition of high temperature .It demands the better performance of the slip ring. It is a kind of new challenging. so for this type of slip ring, we're to make a corresponding structure in the design to ensure the stability of the power signal transmission, under the high temperature long time operation, the influence of heat to the product material are included that we should consider at the beginning of the designing slip ring.

5G_P(2FDJM19%}[GT2UQHID.jpgIn general, high temperature slip ring used for usually - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃environment . If the environment temperature beyond this range, it will lead to rapid declining on slip ring lifespan, even cause slipring directly damage.The quality of contact material directly affects the performance of the conductive slip ring. If the contact material is not resistant to high temperature, it is easy to melt! As the conductive slip ring is operated at high temperature for 24 hours without interruption.It is also very important for material heat resistance, thermal deformation , this directly affects the overall functionality of a conductive slip ring, using improper material selection can make the slipring melting or deformation under high temperature environment,even influences the temperature of slip ring.

The advantages of CENO’S high temperature slide ring:

lUsing excellent high temperature material

l360°continuous rotating meanwhile transmitting current and signal.5G_P(2FDJM19%}[GT2UQHID.jpg

lLong lifespan without lubrication, increasing lifespan with certain maintenance.

lSignal and power supply can be transmitted separately or in combination

lProtection grade can design according to customer's actual situation. Every type of slip ring that will be passed in the series testing, including reliable,stable, testing temperature , rotating speed changing affecting the slipring parameters,  to certify the product with good performance.



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