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How To Maintain Conductive Slip Ring Which Be Used In Industrial Field
Dec 21, 2017


It is importance of normal operation of the entire industrial system for making sure they normally operation well of the conductive slip ring and the motor which used in the industrial field. So how to guarantee the normal operation of the conductive slip ring?  firstly the selection of high-quality conductive slip ring , secondly it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the slip ring in daily use.

For pointing to the maintenance of the slip ring, we need to understand the internal structure of it. A conductive slipring composite of the part of the brush in stator,  the brush frame, and the rotation axis of the rotor part. The brush frame can be used for the special purpose of the hold brush bundle, contact with the copper ring of the rotating shaft and maintain certain pressure to achieve the transmission current effect. During the slipring running process ,including the pressure causing between the brush and annulus , the brush vibration when ring body rotating, the gap between brush bundles and frame , the best working temperature and daily maintenance work to full attention, all of these process that will effect the lifespan and operation well for conductive slip ring are crucial.

The pressure between the brush and the rotation axis determines the contact resistance of the conductive slipring and also determines the friction resistance and wear during rotating. The relationship between pressure is proportional for the contact resistance and friction resistance. If the resistance is too large then produce spark that lead to slip ring overheating phenomenon.And if too much friction can accelerate conductive slip ring wear and affect slipring lifespan .We usually keep the pressure between the ring body and the brush to 8KPa, and the pressure between the brushes is equal, so that the conductive slip ring can rotate freely and the conductivity is good.

 working temperature of Collector ring  is directly related to surface oxide layer, oxide layer of brush is directly related to brush models, generally them to be formed at 70 ℃.The function of forming stable oxide layer is to have good lubrication, which can reduce the loss of friction when the brush is in operation.A good oxide layer is a sign of good working of the ring, and many of the failures and lifespan of the brushes are due to the failure of the oxide layer to form well. It will be very beneficial to the good work of the slip ring.When the brush wear reaches the entire height of 2/3, it should be replaced in time, and the best brush should be replaced.


 It is very necessary to understand the internal structure of slip ring brush wire for proper maintenance of slip ring. It is vital important to know how to use conductive slip ring and the role of it in an industrial system. Meanwhile the right to use and maintain the normal operation and safety of the whole system can play a positive role.


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