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The Application Of Underwater Conductive Slip Ring
Dec 20, 2017

In order to grasp the change of the ocean environment , for ocean development, oceanographic research to provide accurate ocean data, you need to put the marine instruments into the sea for getting directly measurement of Marine environmental elements. The instruments are anchored dip into the seafloor by a rope anchor, it could be measured and recorded  information what you want. But this method is OK for getting the information from certain depth of the sea, is not good for getting the data from different depth vertical section of the sea.


 In order to get the instrument with the characteristic of long time continuous measure, it requires a kind of with a bottom- mounted oceanographic profile measuring device with a drive system in the bottom of the sea. The underwater motor rotating, which drive the marine instruments moving up and down in the water, to get the vertical section data from the different depth sea.  

CENOs slip ring connects the underwater section instrument and the underwater motor wire to fix in a rotator, which release up and down to connect the measure instrument wire for realize the movement of ocean instrument. As CENOs slip ring has the function of twhat it could keep continuous rotating in one side meanwhile the other side could transmitting out the signal and current.


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