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Main Design Point Of The Hollow Shaft Slip Ring
Dec 12, 2017

 Large hollow conductive slip ring belong to special hollow shaft slip ring to meet customer installing large inner diameter. This kind of slip ring has the feature of diameter too large, difficult making, high cost and the low speed rotating.

It is widely used in drilling platform, winding machine, amusement equipment and port machinery.


The main characteristic of the big hollow slip ring is bearing capacity.During designing this kind of hollow shaft slip ring we should consider that the strength factor, and the overall weight related increasing for axis related big . We should adopt another structure to make sure the stable contact as the pressure of slip electronic brush factor. Brush wire structure is ok for normal slipring but not suitable for hollow slip ring, because brush wire may be lost the flexible feature for design hollow shaft slip ring.


The concentricity is also important for hollow shaft slip ring design, it affect the slip ring lifespan and stability.


Please contact with CENO if you need special requirement hollow shaft slipring from below way.ECN hollow shaft slip ring 过孔滑环.jpg


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