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The Application Of Carbon Brush Ring In The Military Field
Dec 05, 2017

The application of carbon brush ring in the military field

In the military-industrial field, the diversity and complexity of signal and current power determines that conductive slip page must be used for rotating joint transmits and transmits signals.


The carbon brush ring adapts a variety of special operational environments, especially in harsh conditions. Such as high temperature, extreme cold, high humidity, etc. Due to the quality and the service life of the military equipment requirements, the design and production process, price and cost is not the dominant factor to consider, instead of on the conductive slip ring material and production process, quite a high requirement, especially the internal wire brush and internal contact stiffness and abrasion resistance material , have very high requirement. In helicopters, tanks, radars, the three main areas of the slip ring application.


Because of the military aerospace, the transmission signals are very precise, the channel medium has very little interference with the signal, and the impedance of the whole system should be as low as possible . Automation of military robots all activities of the rotary joint, must rely on the slip ring to solve,the key parts of a flexible and stable, are direct factors made the battlefield initiative, which requires the confluence ring build process to further improve and strengthen.



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