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Carbon Brush Used In Environment Protection Equipment

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

With the increasing awareness of global environmental rotection,human consciousness reduces the harm of natural activities such as production, life and other social activity. So there are many protection equipment widely using different field, such as various types of sewage pump, automatic water prototype, scraping the sand machine, mud scraper, scraping mud suction dredge, sludge concentration mud scraper, digester sludge mixing equipment, etc.In order to make these devices more intelligent during it working in a special environment, the slip ring of these equipment needs to have the characteristics of overload current operation, long service life, stable signal transmission and convenient maintenance.

This type of slip-ring contact material adopts imported copper graphite with stable performance, less dust and high life. It is easy to observe and keep maintainance without box body andcover structure base on customer’s requirement. Meanwhile, this slip ring supports transmission simulation, data signal and mixed transmission.


Protection(IP Grade): IP00
Working Humidity: <90%(20℃)
Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

Working Speed: 0~5 rpmDielectric Strength: ≥2500V@60HzRating 

Voltage: 500VAC
Insulation Resistance:≥500MΩ@500VDC

Contact Material: Copper graphite8@D56XLN_1{{(74)D@XZ~XR.jpgElectrical Noise: Max 10mΩ (50rpm)

Rating Voltage: 230VAC/24VDCCircuits & Current: 
                         14 Circuits * 1A (230VAC)
                          9 Circuits * 200mA (24VDC)
                         11 Circuits * Signal (ETHERNET)
                          9 Circuits * Signal (ENCODER)
Dielectric Strength: ≥1000V@50Hz
Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ@500VDC

Contact resistance fluctuation value: ≤20mΩ(50rpm)
Contact Material: Copper graphite Electrical Noise: Max 10mΩ (50rpm)
Installation Way: fix in equipment axis by screw 

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