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Application Of USB Slip Ring In Automatic Mobile Phone Detection Device
Jan 21, 2019


With the acceleration of the process of social informatization, high-tech products have become a hot spot of consumption. Smart phones, as one of their representatives, have been popularized worldwide. Mobile phone consumption has already evolved from being aristocratic to being civilian.As a kind of convenient and quick communication tool, mobile phone has already entered every field of modern life.


With the sharp increase in the demand for smart phones, foreign companies, led by apple and samsung, and domestic "China cool" and other manufacturers began to shift strategy, invest a lot of resources in the research and development and production of mobile phones.The major manufacturers also got good feedback in the market.However, the user experience and quality of mobile phone are what consumers pay more attention to, especially the quality of mobile phone is the key factor of consumers' choice.In order to ensure the quality of mobile phones, in addition to the design and production of mobile phones, mobile phone shipment detection is particularly important.Because the mobile phone shipments are too large, the traditional detection method has been completely root is not the actual demand.


The functions of the mobile phone are supported by the main board of the mobile phone, which must go through a series of tests before it can be put on the market.Motherboard test equipment generally to test the mobile phone motherboard signal export device, signal short circuit, open circuit detection device and computer device.Mobile phones on the motherboard signal export device has to docking board under test position detection contact, short circuit, open circuit described signal detection device is used to compare the signal test value is in accordance with the normal signal microcontroller, described the electrical connection of the contact stated in micro controller, described the computer device is used to detect operation steps and display the software system of the test result.

In view of the above situation, major mobile phone manufacturers and manufacturers have started to develop automatic mobile phone detection equipment to improve the efficiency of mobile phone detection and ensure the quality of mobile phones when they leave the factory.The automatic mobile phone detection device adopts the form of rotary table in structure, and USB slidering is installed in the rotating center of the device as the core component. There are several USB channels on the slidering, and with USB hub, the USB test port can be extended to more than ten or even dozens.Each test port corresponds to a mobile phone to be tested.During the test, the turntable rotates regularly, and the USB port of the computer is connected to the mobile phone to be tested on the turntable through the sliding-ring USB channel to detect the phone's motherboard and other hardware. The sliding-ring perfectly solves the winding problem when the turntable rotates, subverting the traditional test method of one by one, and greatly improving the test efficiency.

At present, the company's multi-channel USB slip ring has been successfully applied in the automatic mobile phone detection equipment of huawei, foxconn and other large companies, and can be extended to the LED display screen and other electronic equipment detection equipment, with the maturity and popularity of automatic detection equipment, this product will be more widely used.

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