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ACN/BCN /CCN Series Capsule Slip Rings
Jan 09, 2018

ACN/BCN /CCN  Series Capsule Slip rings

Product Feature:

l Compact size

l Adopt military grade surface treatment, gold to gold contact

l Low contact resistance,electrical noise, low torque and smooth rotation

l Transmit data and analog signal, compatible with bus protocol



l Circuit number:1~200

l IP Protection grade:IP51-IP68

l Operation temperature:-55 ~ + 250℃

l Support various signal /power mixed transmit

l Lead wire length / Cable exit way / Termination


Typical application:

l Surveillance / LED

l Radar antenna/Motion simulator/Military equipment

l UAV / Robot/Mechanical arm

l Medical equipment / Instrument


Way of installation:

This series slip ring is designed for mounting on the sleeve bracket through flange. Rotor must be concentric drived by a kind of flexible connection. Rotor lead wire could be the drive under a certain speed.


Slip ring couldn’t  bear the force from the connected equipment. The rotation equipment should be locked to avoid weight on the slip ring rotaor.


Protect all lead wire won’t be damaged during equipment rotation, align wires should notice all wires couldn’t bear any weight.


Take care not injure the skin of the lead wire when peel the head of lead wire.

Electric current:2A/ or higher1A/ or higher1A
Number of circuit:1~761~241~12
Outer diameter:22~25mm12.4~16mm6.5mm~7.9mm
Lead wire size:AWG28# silver plated teflon ULAWG30# silver plated teflon UL
Dielectric strength:500VDC@50Hz,10s200VDC@50Hz,60s
Insulation resistance:100MΩ@500VDC, 60S100MΩ@500VDC
Working speed:0~300RPM or more circuits
Working temperature:-20℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity:60%RH
Electrical noise:<10mΩ@6VDC,50mA,300RPM
Lead wire length:300mm
Torque:≤0.88 g.m
Contact material:Precious Metal
Protection(IP grade):IP54
Material compliance:RoHs
CE certificationYES
Housing Material:Engineering plastic

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