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Function Slip Ring

CENO's function slip ring contain many different slip ring which has specific function,like anti-water,explosion-proof,high definition,Ethernet,USB,RS,CAN-bus and so forth.They are usually to be required in certain special applications.
  • Usb slip ring with interface usb2.0 & usb3.0

    USB slip ring is special designed to transmit USB2.0/USB3.0 signals. USB signal provides convenient interaction port,USB2.0 is widely used in various communication system in consequence of it.However,max speed rate of USB2.0 restrict the developement of high speed...
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  • High temperature slip ring withstand temperature up to 250°c

    High temperature slip ring is one special design which based on the solution with high temperature resistance element.The high temperature working environment surround slip ring itself plus the temperature rising during slip ring working have to be considered into the design....
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  • Profibus slip ring compliant with emc and no crosstalk

    Profibus, as a kind of open, digital, bidirectional, multistation communication system, recent years obtained the rapid development and application.Used for field intelligent devices communication network of process automation, production automation, electrical automation,...
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  • High speed slip ring with speed up to 5000rpm

    High speed slip ring is usually required in special industries. CENO has wide range of slip ring in different function aim to different industries. High speed slip ring usually to be applied for testing purpose.Long life of this kind of high speed slip ring is the critical...
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  • Explosion proof slip ring with exd ii bt4 gb to be applied in maritime platform crane

    According to different zone,CENO researched & developed special explosion proof slip rings to fit for exact work environement,like zone 0,zone 1,zone 2 and so forth.After the birth of first explosion proof slip ring, one by one new design for exact zone & division...
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  • Long life slip rings with 100 million rotations

    CENO’s long life slip ring adopt special structure and special contact material on brush wire and copper rings to ensure the electrical noise keeps in the acceptable range after a period operation under high working speed. Lifetime up to 100million rotations. Application:...
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All function slip ring products are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.

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