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Function Slip Ring

CENO's function slip ring contain many different slip ring which has specific function,like anti-water,explosion-proof,high definition,Ethernet,USB,RS,CAN-bus and so forth.They are usually to be required in certain special applications.
  • USB Rotary Joint aluminium female connector

    USB Slipring- ECN000- U2 USB is a serial port to connect computer system and external equipment. It also is a kind of input or output interface specification, then it is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices, such as information and communication products, and...
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  • HD Slip Ring --- ECN000-02HD

    This kind of slip ring is specially designed for SDI high definition signal transmission. It provides the best design scheme for solving high definition signal transmission between rotating connected system components.It adopt digital video, high definition and multimedia...
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  • Slip Ring--Temperature Measuring

    According the requirment of industrial automation applications, CENO design the professional temperature measuring slipring. Its function includes thermocouple temperature measurement and Thermal resistance temperature measurement.The slip ring could be designed according to...
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  • USB Slip Ring--ECN038-04P2-01EG

    USB slip-ring of CENO's design has a male and female connector plug directly,which is convenient to connect with the customer equipment.It can not only transmit multiplexed signals and currents, but also equipped with amplifying modules such as HUB to improve the...
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  • Thermocouple Electric Rotary Joint

    CENO is a slip-ring manufacturer , which designs and manufactures electric rotary joint for different of automation industry. CENO keep continuously getting improvement in electric rotary joint techniques. Because this is the age of automation, many industries have replaced...
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  • Waterproof slip ring with IP68 protection grade

    Water proof slip rings is one kind of high protection slip ring.Water proof,oil proof,Anti-salt fog corrosion are all in the range of water proof slip rings' series.CENO's water proof slip rings are designed according to working envirionment,such as spray...
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  • Low temperature And High Altitude Slip Ring-ECN088-04P1-44S

    It integrates currents and signals circuits, meanwhile it adopts anti-interference design, which meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility. This kind slipring of CENO with through hole diameter 88 mm, special design for the airborne systems. Thish kind of slip...
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  • Slip Ring with Temperature Measuring function

    ​CENO design the professional temperature measuring slipring, according the requirement of industrial automation applications. Its function includes thermocouple temperature measurement and Thermal resistance temperature measurement.The slip ring could be designed according...
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  • Low Temperature Slip Ring --ECN080-03P1-09S

    Low temperature slip ring could integrate pneumatic ,Hydraulic, fiber optional,RF rotary joint,USB,Ethernet ,etc,. to make sure the signal continuously and stably be transmitted from system to the satellite.
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  • Dustproof Waterproof 6channel Slipring IP68,

    ECN060-06P-01S series with IP68, dustproof / waterproof/ 6channel slipring While the earth becoming warms, all countries in the world are concerning about environmental protection.CENO manufactured one kind of product of ECN060-06p-01S series with the function of IP68,...
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  • Explosion-proof Slipring -ECN-EX-1163-04S

    Explosion-proof slipring -ECN-EX-1163-04S CENO provides explosion-proof slipring -ECN-EX-1163-04S. It adopts the explosive material of stainless in connector and cable. It could integrate different grade current and signal for using in mechanical equipment, petrochemical...
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  • High Definition Slip Rings

    Along with the development of the time, it becomes more and more high-tech device that needs to transmit HDMI signal by a HDMI slip ring. HDMI interface is a digital technology of Video/ Audio, it is used for image transmission, the max data transmission rate can up to...
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